Yippie Kayo Kayaks 

Southeastern Oklahoma's Little Secret: Mtn. Fork River just outside of  Broken Bow 

Information About the lower Mtn. Fork River and your trip

      If outdoor fun is your thing and you love kayaking then come and enjoy Mother Nature at its finest on the beautiful Mtn. Fork River in southeastern Oklahoma.


     Bring your family and friends for an adventure you won't soon forget. Contact Yippie Kayo Kayaks for a trip down one of the most pristine rivers in the four state area. Lined with cypress trees hundreds of years old, gorgeous scenery and abundant wildlife, this is a trip YOU WONT WANT TO MISS!!!


     The falls section of the river offers a class 2+ rating when the river is right. (History fact: Trail of Tears went through this area.)  We have to check the water release schedule the evening before you float to make sure the river is at a safe level. Age limit 7 years old. Exceptions due apply, remember you are responsible for your children!


     When you arrive at Yippie Kayo Kayaks you sign in and pay.  Your vehicle stays on our property, we take you to the start of your trip, the reregulation dam. This trip takes approximately 3-4 hours depending on how long you pull over and how fast you paddle. Bring a picnic or snacks!!!!   Please take your time and ENJOY the scenery and all this river has to offer.


The first area you will float through is called the rock gardens. Then on to the chute, as you cascade down the 2- 1/2 foot waterfall called Presbyterian Falls. Continuing on, is a gravel bar on the right side of the river. This is Cooper Creek. A little further down, exit on the left side of river, just past the newly built bridge. Pull boats out on south side of wooden fence at Skippa Rock.  We appreciate your business!!!!!!! NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED ON THIS PART OF RTVER!